The many disasters caused by the mere pleasure of eating animals

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It is very interesting because it shows very well the multiple and terrible problems due to consumption of beef and other animals.
It kills animals, it kills people (or contributes to their modern slavery, or to the destruction of indigenous peoples), and it also pollutes and destroys nature, while wasting a lot of energy…
And all this for what? Simply for a matter of “taste”?
This is pure nonsense…
And it is criminally insane… Lire la suite →

About the obsolescence of man

Less known than [wikipopup]Aldous Huxley[/wikipopup] and his indispensable “[wikipopup]Brave New World[/wikipopup]”, the German philosopher [wikipopup]Günther Anders[/wikipopup] wrote the following in his book “The Obsolescence of man” in 1956: “To stifle Lire la suite →

The permafrost climate bomb, the Zimov hypothesis and the Pleistocene Park

Fascinating. “At the end of the world, beyond the Arctic Circle, two Russian scientists, Sergei Zimov and his son Nikita, are carrying out a unique experiment: the Pleistocene Park. Here, Lire la suite →