Example of live food

This is my current diet (in addition to the breakfast consisting of an apple, a banana, and the juice of two oranges, with raw honey).
Here we see [wikipopup]sprouted seeds[/wikipopup] of wheat (which is no problem because not cooked) , sunflower, chickpeas, and peanuts. Plus tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers.
Sometimes I add half of a “[wikipopup lang=”en” title=”Avocado_(fruit)”]abacate[/wikipopup]” (the variety that is easily found here in Brazil is very big, and moreover this fruit is an example of evolutionary anachronism that still exists today thanks to the ancient peoples of this continent. ).

It’s natural, healthy, digestible, and above all it’s alive (since nothing has been killed by cooking).
In addition, it is not expensive. Really cheap.

And in addition, these sprouted seeds have an incredible satiating power.
Also, it seems difficult to gain weight with such a diet (except maybe with honey).

I have been eating this for several weeks now, and I have no problem, on the contrary it’s getting even better.
(I used to put in a little tuna, and I made the mistake of crushing the seeds, and making a sort of mushy mixture with everything, which killed the seeds).

Nature gives us everything, we just have to bend down and simply add water (to germinate, or to wash). It would be difficult to make it simpler …

And yet people go to great lengths to modify everything, to cook, to cook, which kills or significantly degrades everything that is useful (vitamins, enzymes, etc., not to mention life itself), and in addition the cooking creates chemical reactions which in fact produce things that the body has difficulty identifying and therefore “dealing with” (which therefore creates problems).

And all this for what ? For a simple question of “taste” …

In addition, this “method” (or non-method?) Saves energy (cooking), time to prepare the meal and to wash the dishes. No fat: sometimes I even just wash with water, without any product.

In fact, it is “water-cuisine” …

Or when modern man has to reinvent the simplest things, lost and perverted by the “refinements of civilization” and by artificiality …


I cannot thank João Pedro Silva Pinto enough for teaching me this “secret” in January 2017 at the start of my new life here in Rio.

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