The permafrost climate bomb, the Zimov hypothesis and the Pleistocene Park


“At the end of the world, beyond the Arctic Circle, two Russian scientists, Sergei Zimov and his son Nikita, are carrying out a unique experiment: the Pleistocene Park. Here, the Zimovs are restoring the ancient ecosystem of the Siberian steppes to save the planet of a disaster foretold: the melting of permafrost. This underground glacier contains billions of tons of carbon. As it is released, the latter accelerates global warming. According to the revolutionary hypothesis of the Zimovs, a reintroduction of large herbivores in Siberia could slow down the degradation of permafrost. “

There are also a lot of analogies with the and Nature Defenders projects  (which are obviously much more “modest”, but there is a beginning to everything).
And we better understand the need for an NGO coordination platform, which is the idea behind Nature Defenders.

The Pleistocene Park on Wikipedia:
– article in French:
– article in English (much more detailed):

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